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We believe phenomenal people do phenomenal things


To attract and develop exceptional people and  help them build extraordinary, long-lasting, really big businesses


We are investors who invest in great people and help them grow great businesses

We are industry-agnostic venture capital investors and enterprise tech-focused private equity investors

Besides investors, we are  also entrepreneurs, operators, techies, strategic thinkers, chefs, auto dealers, lawyers, negotiators, Chaucer experts, social impact junkies, and fantastic martini-drinkers


  • Invest in people first, ideas second
  • Put entrepreneurs’ interests ahead of our own
  • Be the first and easiest conversation for all entrepreneurs
  • Remember that we are rarely the 'smartest guys in the room'
  • Rely on the power of facts and intellect to make decisions
  • Tell the truth as we see it (even when it means a tough conversation)
  • Always deliver the best of Blue Collective to our entrepreneurs
  • Behave as principled professionals (and expect our entrepreneurs and partners to do the same) 
  • Operate as a meritocracy and as one firm
  • Keep entrepreneurs' interests confidential